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Alfred’s Testimony

Praise the lord

I am Alfred sreekumar. Till 14 th June 2012 I was Sreekumar from a Hindu Nair family. I was in love with a Christian girl and I requested you all for praying for our union. By the blessing of Jesus and your prayers our relationship improved and nearing to marriage. With the effort of my beloved I had become a true christian and baptised on 14 th June 2012 and annouced the society that I am a proud Christian. At the time baptism I feel the warmth of the blessing of my lord and I could not explain the happy feeling of my mind in words. Now Iam considering me as the happiest man in the world. Though my parents and relatives are angry with me, parents of my beloved is agreed for our marriage. I am very much sure that by the grace of Jesus my parent will also happy with me in near future. I want to improve my knowledge in christianity and want to involve in missionary activities to spread love of Jesus.


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