Praying Girl

Albumin Levels Low

Please pray for my cocker, Coco. I’ve had her to the vet for ear infections and several weeks back she was having issues with watery stools. I took her in and they gave her medication and it got better.

On Sunday she started going down and I took her in on Monday and they did blood work and her albumin levels were low and gave her 5 medications and they also gave her fluids and a b12 shot. She went down Wednesday and wouldn’t eat or drink, but the vet wasn’t in. I watched her all night and at 4:47 yesterday morning, I checked on her and she wasn’t breathing and was cold as ice – it scared me so bad. When I picked her up her head flopped over, I thought she was dead, but the she either woke up or was resurrected, I’m not sure, but I felt it was the latter.

She was fine yesterday after I finally got her to eat and she ate a can and a half of dog food. This morning she wouldn’t eat and I took her back in and they were observing her during the day. The vet wants me there are 3:30 to discuss “options.” I can’t lose my dog, she and my cat are all the family I have because I live alone.

I know God can heal her, but I just don’t think my faith is strong enough. I just felt like God had worked a miracle yesterday. I know the vets option is going to be putting her sleep. Please pray for a miracle.