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Once Addicted to the World, now Addicted to the Word!

For anyone who has experienced any type of addictions, or even if you haven’t, it apparently has been put on my heart to share my testimony with you all. I’m 28 now, but when I was 22, I was buying a house, had 2 cars paid for, bunch of tools, engaged to be married, but not once through all of these that He gave me, did I take the time to stop and thank Him for any of it. I had been experimenting with crystal meth for quite some time but thought that I had it under my own control, because it never came before bills or groceries.

I apparently had bought some contaminated stuff, which it’s all contaminated, and was hurting like never before from the effects of the drug, so I decided that an acquaintance’s offer of morphine intravenously (shooting it up) taking all of my pain away, was a great idea.

Well, nevertheless, I “woke up” 2 years later from this “fog” I had surrounded myself with, only to find that I had lost everything. I was living in a tent, taking my baths and brushing my teeth in nasty old lake water, stealing for my food, drink, and gas, from anyone and everyone, mind you. At this point, I still had my back turned against The Lord. But having nowhere to turn, whom did I have left to call upon, that’s right, Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Even though I had stopped acknowledging Him through it all, He never forgot me.

I was 24 yrs. old then, I’m 28 now. He’s given me another roof over my head, a wife whose love surpasses mine ever so much, a beautiful son whose genius also surpasses that of mine, and most importantly, He’s allowing me to become closer and closer with him through The Word of The Father, The Faithfulness and Soldier-like attitude of Jesus, and The Spirit that gives us Light.

Now, for some reason, I must add that, I too, fall from time to time, may not be drugs, but a curse word can slip, or getting frustrated, but just know anyone that reads this, that, if you’re not being tempted, then the Devil already knows that he’s got you. If you’re truly trying to live for God, then the Devil is going to come after you, because he doesn’t want you living for God, but him. Just keep on letting ya’lls lights shine, and He’ll allow you to grow. God Bless you all!

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