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A Testimony of Healing: Mercy

Glory be to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and blessed be His name forever and ever. My name is Derek Henry and this is my testimony of how God had mercy on me and healed me in my time of need.

About 35 days ago from today (June 12th, 2017) I was put in the hospital for high blood sugar. Earlier that day I went in for a visit to get refills on my allergy medicine and that’s all it was supposed to be. Yet my doctor decided it’d be a good idea to have blood work done just for a checkup of how I was doing. Now, my mom was with me and was worried because she thought I had been losing weight and I was but not rapidly or anything as I’d only lost 15-20 pounds in a year’s time.

After all this and we had come home expecting everything to be fine, we get a call from my doctor saying I needed to get to the hospital immediately as my blood work had show my blood sugar to be slightly over 600. Type 1 Diabetes is what they were claiming was wrong with me, every doctor, nurse, and assistant.

See, I’m a 21-year-old man so this was a shock to me because I had lived my whole life just fine, so I didn’t accept it. There was no way this could happen to me, right? Well according to the doctors and nurses it was. This is ultimately what revived my faith in God as before all this I was a believer and considered myself an infant in Christian Orthodoxy, but I was a long long way from being a true Christian as Christ calls us to be. I was far from perfect but this lit a fire inside me to come back home to the Lord and so I did. I was called back home by my God.

It was hard at first, giving up my worldly desires and wants, letting go of the desires of my flesh.  To follow Christ with a genuine heart and willing spirit, that is what was asked of us all and so I set out to do it. If not for God guiding me in the Spirit and teaching me through His word, I would not have been able to even begin to do it, and even still I have not been perfect but fell to my own flesh’s weakness and had to repent and ask for forgiveness.

Yet through all this joyful struggling, yesterday the day of my 1st checkup since the beginning of all this, I was blown away by what has been happening to me. From the day I was released from the hospital, I was put on insulin shots. 1 shot for after meals and 1 to last me 24 hours. For a time I took them as directed, about 10 days, and played along with what they said for me to do.

Then one night in prayer certain words came out of my mouth that I can’t explain, words that I didn’t even think about saying until that moment in prayer.

Those words that came to me that night were something along the lines of,

“Lord may tonight’s shot be the last insulin shot I ever have to take.”

And once it was said I believed it in my heart it would happen. The very next morning of praying this prayer, my blood sugar dropped to 60 after waking up that morning, then again to 60 later that day. Now this was very concerning, as 60 is very low for anybody’s blood sugar to ever be so my parents decided to ask my doctor if I should stop the 24 hour insulin shots and they said I could for a few days to try it and see what happens.

From that day forward, even to this very day, my blood sugar has never went too high and has stayed perfectly normal without any insulin shots in me whatsoever. This was the beginning of God’s great mercy taking effect on my life. Right before my very eyes I was being healed and set free from what was ailing me.

Many of God’s faithful had been praying for me, including family and strangers, and myself included. God heard all of our prayers and answered them, for miracle this to be used for His glory. Glory be to God from everlasting to everlasting.

After my checkup that day, my doctor had no explanation for how this was happening. Not even in her experience of over 26 years, she said, she had never seen anything like this before. My doctor decided to check my A1C again and just in a month’s time it had dropped 3% total, from 11% in May to 8% in June which is a significant drop in such a short amount of time.

This is my testimony, that our God in heaven reached down and touched me, His sinful unworthy servant, and had great mercy upon me. Not because I was worthy or because I deserved it, but because He loved me and loved those who cared for me enough to pray for my well being. I owe my entire life to God and bow it all to Him and will continue to expand my faith and wisdom of the Lord for as long as I am toil on this earth and even further into the heavenly dwelling.

Whoever reads my words may this great miracle of God bring encouragement to your very soul so that you may hear and be glad that our God is here for us and will never leave us. So long as you trust in His holy name and believe in your heart that the perfector of our faith, Christ Jesus, can do all things by the mighty power of God above.

May God bless those who listen to my story and to all people may His unending love reach. Thank you so much for reading this, truly. Praise the Lord; amen and amen.


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