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A Story of a Young Boy

There lives a young boy who fear god, doing his ministry and adventures to known about earthly life, He was so happy when he feels that he is going to venture and visiting many people after he finish is high school, everyone in the family likes him so much, he can cheer up every one those around him to make them happy as well.

And the day had come for him to leave the family and go far away to find his own living. He started to be independent, he founded work, he find foods and the life was totally different from where he was before always be a rounded with parents and relatives, the loneliness strikes him to find a friend to cheering up the days as he was before.

As the days goes by he meet a girl, she is a quite type of person, always like to be lonely but ambitious they started to get to know each other and the boy always make her smile and laugh, the boy love to help her in her needs, sending and picking up from her collage spending time together day and night chatting, and the times come where both of them fall in Love, this boy is so honest to his feeling and his love, but this girls so quite and secretive as who as she is but she is honest with her love, then both of them decided to inform their relationship to their parents, so they can build their love much steady and stronger, but everything not working as what as they planned, the girls mother didn’t like the boy to be in her family because he is Christian, the boy had broken heart and so sad of his First Love, he prayed so hard to God to makes this situation changed to be back as normal but nothing change, and the girl started to avoid and ignoring him from that day on, his promises and memories ruin his mind to force him to forget her by change his life mixing with unbelievers, he start smoking, he start drinking, he started to do all kind of evil thing that is not good in the eyes of God. He doesn’t feel the fear at all.

12 years later

After many people had passed thru in the boy’s life, all the relationship and Love he shown honestly is not blessed and fulfill, till one day after the last broke off the boy sit and thinking back where is the mistake that took place to this situation, he started to realize the relationship that he build around, the blessing that he had lost from the relationships he builds, tears start felling down from his eyes his heart feel crush of all the bad memories he passed thru, he cry and he cry and he cry but no one listen to him

The boy started to pray to “Father, Please forgive me for keeping you wait for so long and didn’t realize the pure love that you shown on the cross – please forgive me lord, forgive me”

He quit smoking, drinking and keeping away from all the evil and sin that he had did before from that day on.

One fine evening he back to his family and the family is so happy he’s back but in his heart he felt so bad because he doesn’t bring anything to bless his family. All the family members don’t expect anything from him instead helping and blessed him to be back as who he is before. Most of all his father bless him so much in his need and also his mother and brother and sisters.

He start to attend the church again, start to pray for all his sins to be forgiven, listen to the word of God and doing his ministry given. God is so good in this boy’s life, he touch him and blessed him again after the boy realize the real true LOVE of father in heaven.

Everything had change his life little by little, he is happy as before, he had found back the Joy and Peace in God that he had lost many years ago. Please pray for him for his source of earning and blessing.

The real life of the Author of this story

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