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A Relationship of Mine

I was sixteen years old this yea. My cousin brought me to church in past two years, we’re living in Malaysia, due to She’s is going to having her studies In Australia. I stop attending my church, but still. This is past two years, I prayed every night before I slept. I hope that god could really answer my prayer.

So, now. God allowed me to get more closer with him once again since the July of 13th, year 2008. I started to attended my church again and now I’m really committed to it. Before I was back to my church, I got a real unsuccessful relationship had happened.

I met up this guy in 3 months ago, I thought he was my real true relationship partner in my life but I was so wrong. Things really went well in the first but started to getting worst after a month, I almost got to suffer everyday of his ignorance, he kept on requiring nothing but sexual relationship, before this, I really don’t know that sex before marriage was against God’s law. I love him so much and I would like to do anything just to make him happy. My virginity got taken by him and after a month. He leave me and my heart got really broken. After the broke up, we’re still having some kind of relationship together but, after awhile. God started to put him out in my life.

When we’re having some kind of relationship together, in this mean time. I started to attended my church again, it was god’s plan. To allowed me to get more closer with him once again. My heart got really broken, I really need heal from god but after all, I really thank god that he arranged my life very carefully but now, still. My heart is not really mend yet.

I pray to god. Hope that god could really answer my prayer, I really need heal from god. In a way, I hope. The foolish guy could really get out of my life, I don’t wish to see him again in my life until I got fully recover but still, I really wanna thank god for standing my back in this 3 months and I don’t get to see him recently in my life even though we’re really near in a same place.

Lastly, I hope. All the world of god’s people would pray for me. Hope that god will really heal my heart. Amen.


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