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A New Way Of Living

My life before I got saved was very very frustrating, sad and evil. I’m only currently 16 years old but I have to admit those 16 years before I got saved was a bad experience now that I’m saved and how I’m seeing the difference.

Everywhere I went I was judged and treated badly, abused and taken advantage of.  At school I wasn’t as handsome as the other folks, smart, talented or probably I was but didn’t have any confidence. I was very insecure… I used to be called ugly, dumb, unskilled in basketball… Wasn’t a great experience I had at school, but home wasn’t any better!

My dad is an alcoholic and you know from my experiences alcohol causes you to do sinful things… He would curse at me my brothers and mother…. He would abuse us and fought us… Sometimes we were thrown out of the house…. He even threatened us… His own children!

I wanted a better life from the start, I wanted to become rich… I wanted the clothes I never had, the confidence to approach any and everybody!

What Led me to Christ?

Well fast-foward from my 15 and a half years of misery because I was not saved then… From I was 12 I wanted money to buy my own stuff and I tried making money online… (Internet Marketing). Every single time for 4 years I quit out of everything I tried because I was toiling so much… I was unhappy… All my family members would ask me why I am so sad or do not look happy.

So probably about 2 months before my 16 birthday I decided to try another project and I failed again… and I was sooo desperate into making money and was tired of failing that I just went into my bed cried…. Then I came across this pastor somehow some way… and the sermon I was watching he preached 0n getting your possessions from heaven and how the devil stole your stuff and how God can turn you into a millionaire in a day… So, then I just kept watching him and his sermons and I eventually got saved… his name is Bill Winston.

Now That I Am Saved

Now that I am saved… I am living in peace and joy… I’ve never been so happy ever in my life and I just give all my struggles, questions and praise to Jesus because he is the only perfect one. My father no longer is the man he used to be is his changed, but he still drinks a little but I’m praying to God for him to become save and give his life to Christ and I’m seeing little signs of it coming…

As for me I no longer am being judged negatively… I am no longer ugly. I never was actually just the confidence I did not have…. Now at school… I’m the handsomest kid around :)…

As for which led me to christ I’m currently praying and receiving the blessing of the lord and he is going to give me one of my businesses (just 1 for right now, because I’m going to have more than enough) which is going to give me 100,000$ profit every month. Next will be 1,000,000$ profit every month.

I am learning more and more each day of the word of God, and I pray for him to give me more wisdom and knowledge… I sow and reap because it brings out extreme harvest blessings… I pray for others… I recently prayed for my aunt to receive a car and yesterday she just came to my house showcasing her new car… Isn’t the lord great?

I’m heading away for a trip, and I needed a huge amount of money to afford for ticket and hotel etc… and God gave me it all… Next week I’ll be travelling 🙂

There is so much more to cover…. There is more than this these things I listed… This testimony was very broad, and I shared a number of things… But I’ll just focus on one topic instead, the “Finance” testimony section because there are a few… and as Proverbs 10:22 said

“The blessing of the Lord maketh rich and he adds no sorrow to it.”

In about 7 days I’ll be back here with the Testimony of my new business. Yes 7 Days…. Because there is nothing that God can do.


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