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A New Life (Minus Loneliness)

This is just a little bit of how I came to truly know Christ as my personal lord and savior.

I was raised in the church. So I always kinda knew who God was, but I never took getting to know him seriously so He was always in the back of my mind. I said to myself I’ll get saved when I’ve had all my fun and have done everything that I wanted to do. That was my “plan”.

Okay so I’ve always been shy. A little anxious and awkwardness didn’t help that. I never really fit in with my peers and I always felt so alone. My self-esteem was extremely low and barely had much confidence. The view that I had towards myself was so negative and unhealthy. I loathed who I was and I thought that I wasn’t worth very much. I wasn’t popular as a matter of fact I found it super hard to make and keep friends I was always alone.

So fast forward to high school. My senior year. It was a year that made me take a real hard look at my life. I was going to a good church where I was being fed the word and it made me think why not get saved now? That was the start of my surrender.

Back in school I had never felt so lonely. Everyone was getting ready to go off the college and say their goodbyes to their lifelong buddies and there I was. Everything that happened that last year made me feel so depressed, so worthless, and so alone. I remember wanting I die because I did not want to continue the rest of my life feeling that way and having such low self worth and such deep loneliness. I remember feeling as if I were between a rock and hard place and that I had hit a way in my life. I remember praying and tellinv God that if something didn’t change I did not want to continue life and seriously considered ending it. I was not moving forward that way. That’s when things begin to change for me.

God started dealing with me and ministering to me. He was calling me to a closer relationship with Him. I accepted His call and I began to pursue Him and get to know Him. I never knew that I could have a relationship with God. I never knew I could talk to Him. I never knew I could befriend Him or that He even cared about the minute or trivial details of my life.

God inspired me. He woke me up and showed me a life I never knew was possible. I found my confidence in Him and in Him my confidence is unshakable. No longer based on how many friends I have or who likes me, but in the truth of His word.  I am forever grateful to God for what He has done. He has given me a new life. He will do the same for you.


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