Praying Girl

A New Begining

I am currently going trough a bad break up that involves a my little.girl. I finally decided to let go of a person who has not valued me I am in a state of depression I find myself missing him after horrible situations we went trough I know its normal to feel the way I feel. But I am hurting so much I cannot see myself without him all please pray for me I will continue to move foward after all I took a step I never thought I could … I left if there is anything that u would think.could help please let me know im a wreck and I need to be better for my daughter. She is hurting because she loved him so much and I feel her pain when she hurts I hurt ten times more.


  1. jay 11/1/2011
  2. Princy 11/11/2011
  3. jas 11/11/2011

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