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A Miraculous Encounter

My life was radically transformed when God encountered me while I was in college. Growing up, I never really believed in God although I was raised in a Christian home. Being preoccupied with life and not being able to ‘see’ our God during church service made me doubt his existence.

I continued to live life and as I got older, I felt the need to prove my worth to others by falling into so many temptations around me. When I went to college I started drinking and hooking up with guys, although it truly wasn’t things I enjoyed doing.

I fell into many sexual addictions while having plenty of boy drama to deal with. At that particular time, I was already overwhelmed with all of the stress that I had from the problems I created and out of nowhere, my health started to deteriorate with another illness that came upon me around the time of my finals. I quickly went to my mom to ask for help and because she was a believer, she said that we’ll see the doctors but also have people pray for you.

As the week went on, I woke up one morning not feeling any of the symptoms of this illness and began to wonder what just happened? I’ve been sick and even my friends knew about it and all of a sudden, everything was gone, and I felt normal. After getting checked out by the doctors, they said nothing was wrong with me. I began to wonder if this was a work of God or if science just proved to be the answer.

Still carrying the weight of my problems and thinking that I have nothing to lose, I thought about praying to Him myself to see if he really did exist and if he could lift all of the burdens I was carrying. I cried out to Him and after I was done praying and pouring my heart out, I felt the weight being lifted off. I felt so light and experienced a burst of joy coming from the inside, and not knowing what to make of it, I simply embraced it.

So right after I was done praying, I decided to listen to this song that I really liked. It was a secular song that had hip-hop artists on there. I have been listening to this track for about 3 years but I lost the song on my computer so I asked the DJ if he could send it to me. When I got the track and began listening to it, I heard a man interrupt the rapper in this hip-hop song and begin to sing about Jesus.

I immediately freaked out, not understanding what was going on! I never listened to christian music because I never enjoyed it, so I didn’t understand how it showed up on my phone! I also realized that the DJ who made the hip-hop track was Hindu so it didn’t come from him either.

And I was listening to the same song for 3 years before that I never heard this man who sang about Jesus. The only connection I could make was to the prayer I prayed to some ‘God’. I kept hearing this man sing about Jesus and when I looked at my phone it said that I was listening to ‘DJ Kash: Money to blow overnight’ and I knew that wasn’t right. After staying in the middle of the song for about 3 weeks, the Christian man just completely disappeared one day, and I heard the original hip-hop track with all of the rappers.

Everything that happened went beyond my mind’s comprehension and deep-down inside, I knew God just showed up. I still listen to the hip-hop track to see if the man who sang about Jesus would come back but it’s been a year and a half since that incident and there has been no sign of him! Right after that incident, I gave my life to Jesus and have been on a journey knowing more about Him and who I am in Him!

I encourage all of you guys to talk God, no matter where you are in life or how deep you are in sin. His love is more powerful than anything on this earth and He can show up if we ask Him to! I hope this testimony provides hope to all of you and stay blessed peeps! 🙂

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