Praying Girl

A message of love

I just wanted to share an experience I had about a year ago, which made me feel how real Jesus really is, and how merciful God is. I was laying in my bed with my eyes closed, and I got what I can only explain as a vision. I was looking at the ground looking at these amazing pink flowers that looked kind of like lilies. I kinda felt like I was flying over them until I got to a certain place where things became more stationary. All of a sudden water came over them, the water was crystal clear and sparkling and I could still see the flowers underneath. There was a warmth radiating from it, with a bit of a golden glow in the middle and my face became very warm from this glow. All of a sudden I noticed water droplets, dropping into the water that I was staring into, and the water rippled with each drop. I then realized that the water droplets were tears coming from me although I didn’t feel sad.

This experience felt real in the sense that I could see my hair blowing softly in the wind while i was looking at this radiating water, but I knew that I was still in my bed. I opened my eyes out of shock of what I was experiencing. The picture disappeared, and I began thinking about how beautiful it was but wondering what it meant…. I felt like it was from God but I couldn’t make sense of its significance. Something in my mind told me to keep watching so I closed my eyes again, and the water reappeared again, this time I saw a reflection of trees in the water. Next a figure appeared in the distance which I just knew was Jesus, he reached his hand into the water and with some of the water in his hand extended it out to me. It was the most amazing feeling of pure unconditional love that cannot be described in words. His extended hand became the only prominent thing in my field of vision and it lasted for a minute or two. It was honestly amazing. It was then that I realized the significance of the water, it was living water and Jesus wants to give some to everyone, so that they can share in his love and live with him forever.

Ever since I had this experience I have felt compelled to share it. I know this message was meant not only for me but for everyone. I hope that anyone who reads this is able to feel Jesus’ love the way I did because it is the best feeling. I honestly feel so blessed and humbled to have had this experience.