Praying Girl

Just in need of a little prayer…

Hello everyone,

Well I’ve got a maths exam tomorrow and this period of exams are going to determine whether or not I go to university, so they are kinda important! I’ve alredy had a series of failures with exams which lead to a beat down of faith. I’m so desperate to get into university I want to make myself proud and have something to say “Yup I did something right, it didn’t go well at first but God saw me through.”

Someone I know once asked me “aren’t you tired of seeing other people getting testimonies and you’re still there with nothing?” now he didn’t say that to mean everyone else should stop getting testimonies lol! But I don’t really have anything to say “Yup God helped me with that etc.” I want something of my own, I’m sick of failing it REALLY bugs me, but anyway I’m just in need of a little prayer.

I hope exams go well for anyone else who is taking them at this time

Thanks 😀


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