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A Life in The Fastlane to a life In Christ Jesus lane

Hello Readers….Travis Campbell, Poetry Testimony…

All of my past, was a life lived fast. Selling drugs and making money were my daily first and last
A twisted life Travis chosed to be living, which had me trapped with a mindset of always dealing
I stayed lost to the streets just going in circles, hood rich was my thing just stuck in that game
I never knew a way out except death or jail, thousands upon thousands what we were daily making in sells.
The cops stayed on the loose looking to fill another jail cell.
I can’t take no more, but that money keep calling,
I can’t take no more, but those drugs keep coming.
Blood in blood out, I stayed on the inside looking out,
I was trapped in that worldly system if you know what I’m talking about
At such a young age my life of selling major drugs seemed to be the thing to me,
6 figure money with an abundance of materialistic possessions.
Little did I know where this life style would take me and even do to me.

Truth be told, I have been in jail 76 times, shot very badly on 3 seperate occassions, I even died 4 times, had 20 major operations, spent over 3 and a half years in the hospital, and even found myself homeless do to my poor choices while addicted to the drugs that I once were selling. Now on the other hand, God saw fit to protect me and keep me through all of my mess. Thanks be to God after doing a year in Miami County jail in 2005-2006 my lovely sister provided a way of escape for me.

I found myself on an airplane Feb 18, 2006 headed to Atlanta to be picked up by Pastor, Waymon Johnson to be welcomed at New Birth Ministry to begin my journey with Christ for “CHANGE”. I whole heartedly accepted Christ Jesus into my life on Feb 19, 2006 and since then I found myself following after Him through it all..I have gained a sense of worth and I live daily with a purpose to Glorify Christ in all I do.

I completed my year at New Birth on Feb 18, 2007. I chose to stay on my journey, because I know for a fact that time spent waiting on Jesus is time that’s never wasted. I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to attend Alabama Bible College where I became an ordained minster. I minister to adults and youth…At the present, I attend Southern Union Community College majoring in computer science, because I love computers..I also have a heart to encouraged others no matter who they are. Now, none of this would have been possible, because Travis couldn’t do it on his own…

You read up above were I said I never knew a way out the drug game except by death or being in jail, but God is so able to do the unthinkable. All glory goes to God for making what was impossible, possible for me..A “CHANGED MAN” set free from all hang ups and habits…

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